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Approximately five years ago we made the decision to improve the quality of our landscaping at a number of our commercial properties. We felt improving the design and quality of our landscape and improving the level of maintenance it received, would better demonstrate to our tenants and the community the pride we have in our properties and the pride that we have for Winnipeg. After consulting with a few of our property managers we decided to contract Gerard and Urban Jungle because they best fit that bill with glowing credentials, their attention to detail, their concern for the environment and the care that they put into their work. The pride that they have is congruent with our philosophies. For approximately the past five years Urban Jungle have been engaged at a number of our properties. We have been very pleased with and proud of the results and would recommend them to anyone seeking this level of care and expertise. Should you have any questions regarding our experience, please feel free to contact me directly.

Calvin Polet, President
Neptune Properties Inc.

In 2009, when the Board of Directors of The Hampton Court Condominium COOP, located at 525 Wellington Crescent, was ready to re-develop the complex grounds, we turned to Gerard D'Souza of Urban Jungle Manitoba Inc. for his opinion. We had heard that Mr. D'Souza was known to be fair, environmentally conscientious and very experienced. As it turned out, it was the best thing we could have done.
The architect's plan called for a significant excavation to remove the existing network of timber frame planters and create drainage grades. The plan also called for the replacement of all the paving stone and a large amount of the existing shrubs.

Mr. D'Souza was immediately concerned for the health of the established thirty year old trees given the excavation which was proposed. A large part of the excavation around the existing trees was completed not by a front end loader but by hand to ensure no damage to the roots of the trees. He also presented a plan that would allow us to keep a good number of our existing shrubs and reuse most of our paving stone. The timber frames were ultimately removed and rebuilt by hand, taking time to notch around all tree roots.

We are extremely thrilled with the final result, we have received many positive comments from visitors and pleased that Urban Jungles involvement allowed us to achieve this result with as little environmental impact as possible and find us significant savings from the recycling of existing materials.

Wayne Rogers, Board President
Hampton Park- 525 Wellington Crescent

Urban Jungle has managed our exterior landscaping for many years. They have been very helpful in suggesting plantings and maintenance procedures which have increased the longevity of our landscape and reduced our pesticide use and water consumption. The outcome of their recommendations certainly assisted us in achieving our BOMA BEST Level 3 certification.

We are very happy with the service, knowledge and experience they provide.

Duncan Spiring, Operations Manager
Creswin Properties

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