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The owner of this beautiful Assiniboine Landing home contacted us after seeing our work at, The Hampton Court, located at 525 Wellington Crescent. Because of what he had heard and saw of our design/ build abilities he was willing to proceed with the landscaping of his own property without any preapproved landscape design.

His instructions were, "I would like as much grass as possible. My wife likes Lilacs and flowers. I would like an immediate privacy screen between my neighbor's home and mine. I would like a dog run that does not look like a dog run. I want a fence. I want to incorporate a lot of black granite boulders to accent the veneers of my house and I have nine foot ceilings in my basement so the threshold of my front door is significantly higher than the natural elevation of my yard. What can we do about that?"

We started by raising the elevation of the front and rear yards by up to six feet in some areas, while leaving the elevation at the sides of the house in tact because of the basement windows and weeps. We then created a functional transition zone between the front and rear yards with an appropriate drainage system, acceptable to the developer and the RM. Next came the planting of four, 12' tall spruce trees between the two houses. We then placed approximately seventy granite boulders to frame the driveway, mask the septic tank and create garden beds, retaining walls and stairs. The infrastructure was supported by a complete irrigation system, sidewalk, chain link and ornamental fencing, planters, shrubs, perennials, flowers and a dog run fit for the Queen's Corgi, and the job was complete with another satisfied customer and new friend.

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