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In the fall of 2010 we were contacted by the Derksen Group regarding plans they had to develop the basement of their building on Higgins Avenue. Five years earlier they had purchased the old building and completely restored it to its original beauty. Now their need for additional space had them looking to the dirt floor basement. Prior to contacting us they had determined that they wanted an open concept with the offices and boardrooms around the perimeter of the basement. Sleva Contracting cut a 120 by 40 foot hole in the main floor and developed the outer offices on the basement level. The executive of the Derksen Group then turned to us. Our concept of the garden courtyard came complete with a pond, lit pathways and raised guest seating area in the basement of the downtown building.

The first step was to tarp off the main floor as the company was operating during the day while we worked at night. Next we poured a concrete sub floor, followed by running all the line voltage and low voltage wiring required for the pumps and pathway and accent lighting. We then constructed the pond water feature and the four thousand square feet of paving stone. Next was a function, comfortable seating area.

In order to cut out the pathways with concrete saws we had to build special mobile hoardings equipped with a high velocity fans and hoses to efficiently vent all the concrete dust out of the building. As an extra precaution we negative aired the building during this process. Now it was time to seal the paving joints with polymeric sand and seal the pavers with a water based low VOC concrete sealer. This was followed by the installation of the lighting fixtures, and finally plants and planters that were hand-picked in Florida were installed and planted.

This was certainly a challenging project, but the final result has been extremely satisfying. We are extremely appreciative of the Derksen Group for giving us this opportunity and are very pleased about the positive feedback they have received and especially the good friends and strong strategic bonds we have created through this project.

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